Are there ghosts in the chapel? That's what the newly formed Sisters of the Last Straw must discover when eerie voices are heard in their convent. The Sisters of the Last Straw are a group of misfit nuns who struggle with their problems while seeking to love Jesus more. A fun story that teaches tolerance and forgiveness in the midst of many comic exploits.


This group of misfit nuns are a delightfully flawed and relatable group of characters whose example inspires goodness in children. The silliness and humor of the sisters is not crass or in poor taste....and it keeps the stories entertaining and fun. These are my favorite batch of nuns with "bad habits" who help us be good! Contributor: CCGilmore -


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The Tiny Virtue Heroes who recommend this title to YOU are...
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Tiny Virtue Hero Lia, the Ladybug
Lia knows the power of COOPERATION - choosing to make small sacrifices in order to work well with others.
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Tiny Virtue Hero Mele, the Monk Seal
Mele shows how ACCEPTANCE says "Yes" to life as it is, and loves people as they are.
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Tiny Virtue Hero Gavri, the Fan-fingered Gecko
Gavri shows EMPATHY in caring about, and identifying with, the feelings of others.


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