Friends Allyson (Sarah Drew), Sondra (Patricia Heaton) and Izzy (Andrea Logan White) desperately need a short break from parenting duties and want to have a girls night together. However, in order for them to enjoy dressing up, adult conversation and dining on food served on real plates instead of in paper bags, they have to rely on their husbands to watch the children for three hours. Naturally, everything that can go wrong, does, resulting in an unforgettable night for all involved.


Entertaining comedy film that exaggerates and celebrates the struggles and delights of family life.


Team Virtue



Laughter with, not at, others


Constancy and dedication


Making small sacrifices to work with others


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CatholicMom Review

This unique review is from a mom of young children herself...whose life at times mirrors the craziness portrayed in the film. And who appreciates the affirmation the film provides for the vocation of motherhood...sleeplessness and slime included. Read More

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Plugged In: Review

Review excerpt: From its parade of pitch-perfect performers (Patricia Heaton, Sean Astin and Trace Adkins among them) to its goofy car chases to its geyser of goo-free giggles, this version, well, sparkles. It laughs with I Love Lucy-like charm at the sometimes stressful insanity of childrearing and married-with-kids family life (thanks in large part to lead redhead Sarah Drew). But it also takes the time to gently recognize how God’s hand in an average mom and dad’s world can make all that craziness oh-so-much easier to deal with. Certainly much more meaningful and rewarding. In fact, this pic works so well that I’ve got a feeling Moms’ Night Out will make many a real-world date night or girls’ getaway into a chuckle-worthy time … while keeping sweet thoughts of the kids right there at the heart of things. Read More

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Dove Review: Mom's Night Out

This faith and family focused review gives the movie a big thumb's up! Read More

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