"God Whispered Your Name" is a song recorded by New Zealand-Australian country music singer Keith Urban. It was released on 2 March 2020 as the second single from Urban's eleventh studio album "The Speed of Now" Part 1.


This song by mega performer, Kieth Urban, evokes a happiness of heart that credits God as the source that opened the door to a special love that enlivens the singer's spirit. Many listeners, who have found a special someone to love, can appreciate the reminder in these lyrics that God is the one who often whispers joy into our lives.


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Internal gladness despite difficulty


Honoring the dignity of others


Relying on God's power


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Taste of Country Review

Article excerpt: ""God Whispered Your Name" doesn't just find Keith Urban name-checking the big man in heaven. The singer — and new ACM Awards host — looks to have found faith once again in the eyes of his lover. Lyrically, that's certainly true. "God Whispered Your Name" is an easy love song that tells of a man's redemption after finding true love. Chord structure and the introduction of the organ lets us know early that the ballad will become a full-on worship piece. Urban's guitar harmonics portend an angelic chorus that's to come." Read More

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SongFacts: God Whispered Your Name

Article Excerpt: "Urban knew straight away he wanted to record the song as it hit close to home. He explained: "'God Whispered Your Name' absolutely spoke to me and tells my journey in such a profound way going through a season in life of being very lost and lonely and confused and not knowing a how to get out of that, and then the chorus hits - 'God Whispered Your Name' and everything starts to open up and become clear. And that second verse when it said, 'I can feel the sunshine for the first time in a while', again, was just, it just went right to the core of me.'" Read More

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Rolling Stone: God Whispered Your Name

Keith Urban Gets Introspective on New Song ‘God Whispered Your Name’. Read More

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