The Monks of Archangel Monastery have a dilemma: their cupboards are bare! But their wise Father Abbot reminds them to trust that Christ will provide their daily bread. So the monks go about their work, study and prayer, while offering up their belly grumble for the love of God. This beautifully-illustrated book will be enjoyed by children and their caregivers for its humorous pictures, for fun rhymes reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, and for the heartfelt message of sincere trust in the Lord's providence.


This book provides a delightful opportunity for children to appreciate the vocations of monks, while also learning from their example. These charming monks invite children to look at life a little less selfishly - and a lot more appreciatively of the blessings and providence of God!


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The Tiny Virtue Heroes who recommend this title to YOU are...
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Tiny Virtue Hero Leon, the Chameleon
Leon knows the value of PATIENCE, waiting in spite of frustration, is a powerful strength.
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Tiny Virtue Hero Mele, the Monk Seal
Mele shows how ACCEPTANCE says "Yes" to life as it is, and loves people as they are.
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Tiny Virtue Hero Ziva, the Red Calf
Ziva knows the power of GRATITUDE. Thankfulness & appreciation are a blessing to everyone.


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