Xan and John are orphans at Harwood Abbey. They are also enemies, but now John, blinded by an accident, struggles with bitterness. In his latest adventure, Xan of Harwood Abbey joins forces with this most unlikely of allies to uncover the mystery of the loss of the Fire of Eden, a priceless ruby coveted by many . . . Who took the ruby—a dishonest monk, a traitorous member of Her Lady’s guard, or the frightening magician who dwells in the woods? Will Xan and John permanently mend their ways? Or will the quest for the ruby destroy any hopes of lasting friendship? To find out where this next adventure leads Xan and his friends, you'll have to read The Fire of Eden.


This book is the third novel in the Harwood Mysteries series and does not disappoint. Readers are challenged to consider virtue and vice - even in the behavior of those who should behave better. Another well-crafted story perfectly suited to captivate the age group for which it is targeted.


Team Virtue



Seeking and choosing the greatest good


Saying "Yes" to life as it is, and to people as they are


Choosing the strength of littleness


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Catholic Teen Books: Reader Review - The Fire of Eden

Review excerpt from: 14-year-old reader Felicity Astfalk "The Fire of Eden is a wonderfully embroidered mystery that will keep you turning the pages right until its shocking revelation. Antony Kolenc’s layered and relevant details will entice you to gobble up The Fire of Eden in no time. The author paints a shadowy world of creativity and unknowns. The suspected jewel thieves have such interesting characters, such as the magician with his lore, legend, and crystal-studded staff. All the characters’ stories are deeply intertwined. I was so drawn into them, that I didn’t suspect the elusive jewel thief right up until the culprit was revealed." Read More

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