Have you ever gone on a bear hunt? Come along on this one with a brave young family -- four children (including the baby) and their father. They're not scared. They have the wisdom to approach each obstacle with wisdom, knowing: "You can't go over it. You can't go under it. You have to go through it." Michael Rosen has retold a favorite with a great engaging style. The pictures by Helen Oxenbury, one of the most widely loved contemporary artists, are full of masterly characterizations, delightful comedy, and high drama, set in lovely sweeping landscapes. This is a book not to be missed, one to be chanted aloud and acted out, to be enjoyed over and over again.


No child should grow up without reading this book...perhaps read enough times that the pages fall out. The wisdom in those charming pages echoes through a lifetime. And the refreshing image of the leadership of a fun and courageous father is the icing on the cake.


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Tiny Virtue Hero, Yadi, the Canaan Dog
Yadi shows the power of PERSEVERANCE - with endurance that keeps on going - no matter what.
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Tiny Virtue Hero Amasi, the Iil Pika
Amasi knows that COURAGE is the strength to face danger for the sake of what is good.
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Tiny Virtue Hero Tanton, the Red Ant
Tanton chooses the strength of FORTITUDE - with spiritual staying power and stamina.


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