The year is 1 BC and times are tough when you're a mouse living in a squeaky-clean Jewish temple. But little Mo finds food and a friend when he meets a kind, young woman. Never leaving his humble hero's side, Mo travels with Mary as she returns to her hometown. In Nazareth, Mo shares Mary's joy at one of the most extraordinary events of all time. Mo the Mouse is a tiny virtue hero of HUMILITY. He invites readers to delight in the humble joy of his hero Mary. They both know the huge value of being small.


The Tiny Virtue Heroes are a series of books with animal and insect characters who empower virtue and character in kids. These stories are fresh, fun, and enjoyable to read, and the back pages provide a mini-curriculum on how children can live with virtue.


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Tiny Virtue Hero Joktan, the Chipmunk
Joktan shows us that CHARITY is the love that motivates us to be generous.
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Tiny Virtue Hero Simcha, the Firefly
Simcha glows with JOYFULNESS. Inner gladness strengthens her to smile in spite of difficulties.
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Tiny Virtue Hero Moshe, the Mouse
Moshe knows that choosing to be small and HUMBLE is a big strength.


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Danielle Bean chats with the author and illustrator of the Tiny Virtue Heroes

Enjoy this Facebook live conversation with Danielle Bean (Author, brand manager, co-host of the TV series - "The Gist") and Cathy Gilmore, and Jeanie Egolf (Author and illustrator of the Tiny Virtue Heroes.) Discover what went into launching the series and get a glimpse of what is to come. Read More

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Jeanie Egolf - Reframing Heroism: Not What You Might Think

Tiny Virtue Heroes Illustrator gives her insight into the super-powered vision of the Tiny Virtue Heroes Series, starting with book one, 'A Mouse and A Miracle' by Cathy Gilmore. Move over Marvel, make room for the Virtue Heroes universe. Read More

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Barb Szyszkiewicz Book Review for - Small but Mighty Mentors for Children

'A Mouse and a Miracle,' is the first in the Tiny Virtue Heroes series of children's books. Capitalizing on children's fascination with collectible characters (gotta catch 'em all!) and parents' wish that those characters had superpowers that would influence their children toward the good, Cathy Gilmore introduces the Tiny Virtue Heroes. The Tiny Virtue Heroes are the stars of a picture-book series that begins with A Mouse and a Miracle, the story of Mo the Mouse, the Tiny Virtue Hero of Humility.The book ends with a little note from Mo to the reader, inviting them to consider him their "play-time or pray-time partner." I love how this reinforces that we shouldn't separate our spiritual life from other aspects of our life. Read More

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