From Songfacts: an anomaly is a "deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule." The concept of Lecrae's Anomaly album describes how the Christian artist is a product of Hip-Hop, but by staying true to himself and following his own way, he deviates from the norm. He told MTV News "The title of the album has been a running thought in my head for a long time." "My friends are from all from different walks of life, I can exist in conservative circles and liberal circles, I walk in the hip-hop, pop and Christian worlds — I can still be me and be embraced in all of those worlds and that makes me an Anomaly." Anomaly debuted at #1 on the US albums chart, with 88,587 copies sold in its first week. It was Lecrae's first set to reach the peak position and also the first chart-topper for Lecrae's label, Reach Records. Anomaly also made history by becoming the first long player to debut at the top of the main albums chart and the Gospel Albums chart in the same week. The song and album title came to Lecrae when when he was wrestling with what it means to be an outsider. He explained to Artist Direct: "It's almost like this intentionality in being an outsider. It's not like you're an outcast and you go, 'Oh well.' It's like, 'Listen, man. I'm actually going to embrace being an outcast and deviate from what's normal on purpose.'" "An outcast feels more like people pushed you out," Lecrae added. "It does happen, but Anomaly is more like, 'Whether they push me out or not, I'm going to be me. I'm going to be different. That's the way it's going to be.'"


Lecrae is a great example of a Christian artist's worldview streaming light into the often dark world of rap music. Rap and Hip Hop music fans will find both quality production value and solid lyrics in Lecrae's music. Consider this - rap tune with no need for ANY content warnings! Quote from a fan summs it up: "Lecrae demonstrates what it means to infuse your art with your faith. He does not preach. He testifies, his words set to some of the best beats you will hear."


Team Virtue



Consistently seeking to do what is good


Spiritual judgement to seek and do what is right


Choosing to be authentic and truthful


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