Lino’s first book, Sinner, was full of stories—honest, humorous, bold, poignant—illustrating why he deserved that title. This new book takes another approach, another angle: why Lino is on his way to sainthood. Often hilarious, but always with a point, Saint focuses on God’s grace in Lino’s life and shows how even a sinner like him can look forward to being a saint. As Lino himself puts it: “Instead of stories of small triumphs and many failures, this is a book to encourage you in your own triumphs. To realize you might not be as big a sinner as you think. And that with God's help, you might just become a saint.” Picking up where Sinner left off, Saint points the way to our end goal—holiness and sainthood—and does so in a way that entertains as well as inspires.


This witty memoir is a collection of fun stories that help all of us imagine ourselves as spite of our flaws that can get in the way of holiness.


Team Virtue



Laughter with, not at, others


Reverence for what is holy


Saying "Yes" to life as it is, and to people as they are


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