The Great Mouse Detective is a 1986 animated film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation, originally released to theaters on July 2, 1986 by Buena Vista Distribution. The 26th animated feature in the Disney Animated Canon, it was directed by Burny Mattinson, David Michener, and the team of John Musker and Ron Clements, who later directed Disney's hit films: The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. It was also known as The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective for its 1992 theatrical re-release and Basil the Great Mouse Detective in some countries. The main characters are all mice and rats living in Victorian London


Great characters, great voices, great music, great fun story.


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Roger Ebert Review

Excerpt of Roger Ebert review: "Like so many domesticated cartoon animals, he is the very soul of bourgeois respectability. (I always liked it in the "Tom & Jerry" cartoons when they showed the floor lamps and chintz-covered sofas inside the mouse holes.) Before long, however, a mysterious figure appears who disrupts this image of comfortable domesticity. And then "The Great Mouse Detective" launches its story, which depends on the conceit that London in those days housed not only a great human detective (Sherlock Holmes) but also a mouse who was every bit as good a detective." Read More

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TV Tropes: The Great Mouse Detective

This "Western Animation" article gives all kinds of obscure factoids about this fun family film. Read More

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