In 1793, after enduring three and a half years of mounting persecution by the architects of the French Revolution, a small band of peasants and nobles in a section of western France began a Catholic 'counter-revolution'. The French Revolutionary Government responded with nothing short of genocide. The War of the Vendee from Navis Pictures tells the forgotten story of their valiant, six year struggle to restore their Holy Religion and their King. The sacrifices of the Vendean people resulted in countless martyrdoms, but ultimately won the restoration of religious freedom for all of France. This film is suitable for all ages, and features a non-traditional cast made up entirely of children.


This film should be on the watch list of every Christian family with children in or near second grade. It is an exciting and heroic true story that is very well filmed. Most notably however, the entire cast is...children. This unique feature enables children to imagine themselves in the story and thus be deeply inspired. Contributor: CCG -


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Review: For God and King - The War of the Vendee

Article excerpt: "There is much to love in the latest film from Navis Pictures. The story of the people of the Vendée region in western France who formed a resistance army against the powerful 'enlightened' French government is as inspiring as it is timely. The rag tag band of soldiers at once calls to mind the colonists of the American Revolution facing the mighty British army as well as the fellowship of hobbits, dwarves, elves and men facing the mighty gates of Mordor. " Read More

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