This unique, powerful, emotion-filled Catholic novel, written by longtime national radio host and EWTN documentary producer, Chuck Neff, immediately drew rave reviews on and other forums. Within 90 days of its release, The Deal influenced thousands of couples struggling in their marriages, celebrating their marriages, or preparing for the Sacrament of Matrimony. The lead character, Charlie, is a high-flying lawyer who wants out of his marriage to Nora. Charlie’s unexpected two-day reunion with Father Billy, formerly known as Wild Bill Donahue, becomes a clash of friends that ricochets from a small church, to a majestic bluff, to a mysterious cabin. Charlie is faced with a gut-wrenching dilemma: an internal collision of anger, frustration, passion, and faith. He discovers that to achieve the deal of a lifetime, it will cost him everything. His very soul is on the line.


This is a fast and fun read that engages both men and women - and invites them to consider what's truly important in their marriages and in their lives. It offers a great opportunity for conversation between husbands and wives, strengthening them to fight the temptation to settle for a stale marriage or abandon their vows because of worldly pursuits.


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Inspiration energizes someone else's faith or enthusiasm


Spiritual judgement to seek and do what is right


Relying on God's power


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